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Your website is your alter ego and your mouthpiece and your money maker. To ensure its optimum functionality in all its manifestations, an SEO specialist will follow many designing and maintaining rules, over and above keyword selection, content development, and link building. Before making a site functional, an SEO expert will test its appearance across different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc, and make sure that it is compatible with all types of browsers. A website should fit fully into the browser window of the user because no one would like to use a site, to see which he has to scroll up and down or sideways. A site should also be compatible with the different screen resolutions of computers. There are many tools for testing browser compatibility of a website while building it.

A navigation menu layout can be vertical, horizontal, or a combination of both. When designing a horizontal navigation menu, an SEO Specialist Expert makes sure that the area within which the text is displayed does not exceed 600 pixels. A layout that is a combination of a vertical and horizontal navigation menu is usually used for sites that have multiple pages. In such layouts, links to the more important pages of the site are generally kept horizontally, and that of the subsidiary pages are placed vertically. Good images increase the aesthetic appeal of a site, but if the graphics are heavy, its effect will be counterproductive because it will increase the loading time. SEO experts take care to design a site to make it as light as possible. They minimize the use of graphics and use image optimization techniques to compress image files. Another method used by SEO experts to reduce loading time is to use a JAR or Java ARchive file. It is a file into which applet components like images and templates and sound files can be put together and compressed. Its compressed format reduces loading time substantially.

Reducing the number of active pages is a rule of thumb followed by SEO service providers to allow easier downloading and navigation of a site. They keep active only those pages of a site that contain the main information and bundle the rest in a way that only those who need additional information have to download them. Since most visitors are unlikely to need detailed information, this provision will help users to browse faster. Keeping the site light will also help in faster indexing by search engines. The right use of alt tag is another important aspect of web designing. When a site is downloading, the alt tag gives the viewers advance information that an image is materializing. Alt tag is a must when people are using text-based browsers like Linux or Unix which have no image capability. It is also necessary for visually impaired people to read a site, and also for search engine algorithms to comprehend an image. Because of these an Professional SEO Expert gives a lot of importance to incorporating descriptive alt tag codes at appropriate places.

A website should never be allowed to look out of date. Even a perfect website with excellent content and easy navigability will not attract visitors if it does not contain the latest data. A website should ideally contain a widget displaying date and time because that will convey to the visitors that the site is up-to-date and active. The product pages and contact information should be continuously updated, and there should not be any broken links or outdated information anywhere on the site. This is an arena which is not the sole responsibility of the SEO specialist but one where you and your SEO service provider have to work together.

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